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Katamino Tower

Build up a cylindrical tower. 

1-2 Players

Features: Cooperative Game

Theme: Puzzle


Katamino Tower is a logic puzzle game played with high-end 3D wooden shapes that must be arranged in order to reconstruct a tower. Each shape of the game is unique.

In the cooperative mode for two players, each turn, a player chooses one of 15 pieces of the game and they play either around the pillar for the rings, or outside for the pentaminos.

Players are allowed to gather.

The rings can be rotated as they are played along the pillar.

The aim is to round off the perfect cylinder.

Each full ring equals 1 point.

The game can also be played as a solitaire puzzle. According the the selected difficulty level, the player will have to re-create a 2, 3, 4 or 5 level tower.

If the player chooses Beginner Mode, he receives clues about the pieces he/she should use.

The Expert Mode comes with Challenge cards and solutions… There is more than 45.000 unique solutions in total!