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Handle Bar Ribbons Blue Reflective - Micro Scooters

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Easy to attach – just plug into the end of your handlebars
• Durable, weatherproof ribbon
• 30 ribbon strands in each pack
• Made up of shades of blue & reflective silver ribbons

Scoot around in style thanks to these easy to attach ribbons for your Mini, Maxi Micro or Cruiser Scooter!

Ribbons are only compatible with scooters with Rubber Grips: Mini2go, Mini/Maxi Classic, Mini/Maxi Micro Deluxe & Cruiser.

The Micro Scooter accessories are a brilliant way to get the most out of your scooter. Micro have released a large range of fun and exciting accessories with vibrant colours that you can personalise your scooter in your own unique style.