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Collectible Connemara Pony - Playmobil

This Connemara Pony comes with many accessories which can be stored in the red basket.

Enjoy great horse collecting fun with the Collectible Connemara Pony. Every day the little boy visits his pony and checks if everything is ok. For the right care he has stowed all utensils in the red box and has also prepared the horse blanket. Horse droppings are of course removed with shovel and broom. The set contains a boy figure, a Connemara pony, a horse blanket, a red basket with care accessories and other extras.

Figures: 1 boy;

Animals: 1 pony, 1 swallow;

Accessories: 1 fence, 1 horse blanket, 1 basket,1 helmet, 1 riding whip, 1 sponge, 1 curry comb, 2 bandages, 1 horse droppings, 1 tube, 1 rake & shovel, 1 grass bundle

Recommended for ages 4-10 years