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Childrens Pool with Slide - Playmobil

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Splash through your day in the Playmobil Children’s Pool. The baby happily swings up and down in the swing and kicks the water away with the feet. After the swimming round, mom tests the whirlpool, while a little girl happily rocks back and forth on the big shrimp spring rocker. Meanwhile, a little baby crocodile climbs up the leafy vine and watches the happy goings-on in the pool.

The playset includes three PLAYMOBIL figures, a mother and two children in bathing suits, a children’s pool with wave slide, baby swing and spring rocker, a baby crocodile, a palm tree and many other extras for lots of fun around the water.”

Included Figures:

  • 1 woman
  • 1 girl
  • 1 baby
  • 1 bird
  • 1 salamander

Included Accessories:

  • 1 children’s pool
  • 1 rock
  • 1 whirlpool with pump and hose
  • 1 ladder
  • 1 palm tree
  • 1 tree with leaves
  • 1 plant with flowers
  • 1 children’s slide
  • 1 baby swing
  • 1 spring seesaw
  • 1 towel
  • 1 pair of water wings

Suitable for ages 4+