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Bumper Spin Freestyle Frisbee - Silverlit

Introducing Bumper Spin – Several ways to play with different tricks! Create your own games. Start challenging yourself and your friends!

Limitless tricks: Different throwing speeds and angles allow different flight paths & tricks. Flick it out, the bumper spin flies and returns like a boomerang. Additionally, it allows you to crash on things like the classic bowling game.

Spinner battle: Clip the spinner tip on the bumper spin. Treat it as a spinner battle with your friends.

Auto shut off and Ultra-soft bumper protection ring provides ultimate safety. With LED light effects, it makes it cool & visible to play in the dark.

Multiple ways to play (ie. boomerang and Spinner battle etc)

  • Bump and Bounce extra soft protection ring
  • LED Propeller
  • Auto shut off for safety
  • Ultimate safety propeller guard
  • 2 colors assorted

Battery Requirements: Bumper Spin: 1 X Rechargeable Li-PO battery & 1 x USB Charging cable (Included)

Ages 7+