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Asterix Leaders Tent with Generals - Playmobil


Bring the exciting world of Asterix and Obelix to life with this luxurious tent featuring your favorite Roman book characters, Crismus Bonus and Marcus Ginantonicus, complete with cape and helmet! Let your child's imagination run wild as they play the roles of leaders, generals and warriors. So, what are you waiting for? Get your Generals Tent today and let the adventures begin!

Figures: Crismus Bonus, Marcus Ginantonicus

Accessories: 1 tent, 1 carpet, 1 bed, 1 stool, 1 chair, 1 table, 1 trough, 2 cups, 1 bowl, 1 tray, 1 meat with bone, 1 standard, 2 apples, 1 grape, 1 change of wig, 1 plant, 2 helmets, 2 capes, 1 belt

Age 5+