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A Field Guide to Australian Fairies

This is a book to help find fairies in your area!

Fairy populations are thriving in Australia and they are often at play in our daily lives when we are least expecting it. The isolated nature of Australia's continent has allowed the evolution of fairy species to occur that are not seen anywhere else in the world. Until now, contemporary literature has failed to adequately document their existence, hypothesized to be at least partly due to sabotage from the fairies directly. However, with expanding zones of human habitation and the adaptive behaviours of both fairies and now humans, it has become easier to detect and work with the local fairies, reawakening scientific interest. For the first time in known history, this text provides valuable information on the variety of fairies found across the country and instructions on how to detect and attract them.

A Field Guide to Australian Fairies is a tool to help you detect and attract fairies that are near to you. It includes:

- Detailed imagery of the 12 identified Australian fairies and key components of their habits and habitation
- Information on how to spot Australian fairies in the wild
- Advice on creating TFA’s (Tailored Fairy Attraction’s), often in the form of a fairy garden

Written and illustrated by Australian Author Midaela Hetherington

6 x 9 inches
Content is suitable for all age groups