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Alphabet and Farm Matching Maze Board

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The wooden maze and sorting set from Tooky Toy is a wonderful educational tool that provides hours of entertainment for young children! The set includes two sides of the puzzle, each with its own unique challenge.

On one side, children can practice their sorting and matching skills by matching farm animals to their corresponding pens and stables along the maze. This can be a fun and interactive way for children to learn about colours, patterns and animal habitats. The counting and adding exercises that can be done with this puzzle can help develop basic math skills and problem solving abilities.

On the other side, children can practice their alphabet and spelling skills by sorting letters from A-Z. This can be a great way for young children to learn the alphabet and to identify letters and their corresponding sounds. The inclusion of animals and objects that start with each letter can help make the learning process more interactive and engaging.

This puzzle is made from beautifully finished timber and painted in child safe, non-toxic paint adds to its visual appeal and ensures that it is safe for young children to play with. The fact that all of the pieces are contained within the puzzle board means that there is no risk of losing any of the pieces, making it a practical and durable educational tool.

Overall, this wooden maze and sorting set is a great for parents who want to encourage their child's problem solving abilities and help them develop important educational skills in a fun and interactive way.

Age 3+