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July 10, 2019 2 min read

Toy Safety- Be Confident In Your Toy Purchase

Here at Let The Children Play we pride ourselves on stocking only the safest and sturdiest products on the market today. We are in an age at the moment where consumers are often provided fast, cheap and disposable alternatives for everything from fashion to toys. The big players in this trend are the obvious ones but we pride ourselves on not playing the game. With the War On Waste movement gaining traction, we are pleased to say that we can prove our history of providing items in our store that can virtually become heirlooms if looked after correctly. Whilst its always tempting to try the cheaper alternatives, if you look at the ACCC's website for product recalls you can see for yourself that cheaper is not always the best or safest option. 

In the 5 years that we have operated only 2 of our products have been placed on the ACCC's product safety recall website. The first one was a slingshot that was recalled because the supplier wanted to distribute to a big box company that did not want the slingshot offered as a product line and would pull their support if the manufacturer did not pull the product even though it met all the current regulations. The second was a voluntary recall by a company who, even though the product met all Australian Safety Standards, chose to recall and replace some small parts they were not 100% happy with. (2022 UPDATE - 9 Years and just 4 product recalls)

We have a saying in our store- if a child can break it in the time they are in our shop, we should not be stocking it. The proof is in the pudding- Ally has looked over the records for the last 5 christmases in the store, the most returns we have had in the period after christmas was 6. More than half of those were exchanges due to double up purchases. The remainder, according to our notes, were replaced or refunded immediately and were often not broken but missing pieces. Ally prides herself on researching the brands and ensuring that each product is safe for children. 

If you are ever concerned about any product you have purchased, please check out the ACCC's recall website- where it will give you all the information you need. You can also contact us at the store if there is ever any questions about anything we stock and we will do our utmost to answer all your questions.