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Travel Tote - Zipboom

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The Zipboom Travel Tote has been carefully designed for children. It contains a detachable and adjustable handle to drape over the shoulder or a separate smaller handle to grip.

 This bright, vibrant bag is not only visually beautiful but is also extremely practical. Its adjustable clip can be placed behind the car headrest. It also includes an adjustable table that sits comfortably on your child’s lap.

 Inside you’ll find two small cases with zips in which to place any small loose items such as pencils and stickers. A separate larger zipped compartment can be found at the back of the bag because, let’s face it, kids love to collect things!

 You’ll also find an elastic strap to hold any paper, magazine or book your child might be using while the car is moving. Two bright yellow side pouches hold a small sized drink bottle (not included).

 The rear of the bag can be used as a fully functional iPad (not included) or book holder.

 The Tote has been designed to safely transport your Magnetic Game and Journal, closing neatly with two zips, and will go with you anywhere, at any time.

Please note the Travel Tote does not include the accessories pictured - these can be purchased separately.