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Training Camp Ayuma - Playmobil

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The sinister plans of the dark Bat Fairies put the fairy world in great danger. That's why the Knight Fairies and their magical soul animals are working on their special skills at their Training Camp. On the rocks and on the swinging liana net, they train climbing technique and endurance. To improve their shooting technique, there is a target with bow and arrow and a special fairy cannon. You need a lot of dexterity to shoot the fairy dust projectiles through the liana rings. The fairies record their strategy plans on the blackboard. Thanks to the sponge, they can change and revise their concept again and again. With so much training, there must also be a breather, so the fairies use the wooden platform and treat themselves to a delicious picnic for refreshment.

Includes: Knight Fairy woman, Kodiak bear soul animal, Knight Fairy man, falcon, Training Camp with picnic platform and climbing rock, fairy dust cannon with projectiles, target, bow and arrow, blackboard and many other exciting extras.

Recommended for ages 7+