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Tileblox Inspire 60 Set - Magformers

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This is the large pack in Inspire colours. It includes all 6 shapes in Tileblox. Some children may prefer this pastel colour scheme, different colours also make for great variety. The more pieces you have and the more shapes you have, the more creative you can get!


Tileblox magnetic tiles are made by Magformers, so you know they are of great quality and super fun and attractive for children to play with.

Tileblox pieces have:

  • completely clear window centres (free from any lines) to maximise light going though the piece
  • flat but smooth edges, safe for little fingers
  • vibrant and attractive colours
  • two different colour schemes (Rainbow and Inspire).

It is a different building system to Magformers (the magnets don’t align) so they are not compatible with Magformers pieces.