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Talking Doll, Blond 45 cm - Skrallan

  • Charge cards with 24 sentences and laughter are included.

  • Skrållan says sentences randomly when you touch her stomach.

  • Two additional cards with songs and chants are available too.

  • Skrållan’s body is soft and she loves to get a hug!

  • She has opening and closing eyes so that she sleeps well when you put her down.

  • Skrållan comes in a cute pink dress with white dots and lace detail.

  • She has long, blond hair that’s soft and smooth and is perfect to comb and brush.

  • She comes with her hair tied in a pony tail with white bow.

  • There is also a wonderulf range of clothing.

Skrållan is 45 cm tall.

Age: 10 months +