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Sitting Ducks Gallery Card Game - Playroom

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Classic Carnival-Style Gameplay on the Tabletop!
Sitting Ducks Gallery is a hysterically fun, stick-it-to-your-neighbor, line manipulation game invented by Keith Meyers. Sitting Ducks is reminiscent of the classic carnival-style, midway shooting galleries, where players are trying to take out as many ducks as possible. Players move ducks and targets, take aim, and eventually eliminate other players’ ducks using a variety of humorous Action Cards, while trying to keep their own safe. The goal is to be the last duck in the pond!
  • Ages: 10+
  • Players: 3-6


  • 41 Duck Deck Cards
  • 54 Action Cards
  • 6 Sky Cards
  • 6 Targets
  • Instructions in English, Spanish, and French