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Queens Gambit Board Game

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Wonder what it would be like to experience chess like the extraordinary Beth Harmon? Beth’s ability to envision chess moves on her ceiling enabled her to clear her opponents’ pieces from the board and defeat them.

In The Queen’s Gambit: The Game, you compete with other players to claim pieces – and points – from the board. Each turn, you can move your “Gambit” like a different chess piece. But you’ll have to plan ahead like Beth if you want to outwit your opponents and win the game! 

  • Piece movement based on traditional chess movement
  • Players commit to several moves in advance
  • Combines chess with program-style play for a unique gaming experience
  • Highly interactive – move to block opponents or claim pieces just before they do
  • Uses classic master’s games as a starting point
  • Captures the excitement of tournament chess without requiring years of practice


1 Board, 4 “Gambit” pieces, 48 Movement Cards, 8 Starting Cards, 4 Player Aid, 32 Tokens Pieces, Instructions