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Junior EzyRoller 2-4 years

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When the best choice is an arm powered Ezyroller (ages 2-4 yrs).

The Ezyroller Junior works on the same idea/principle as the other members of the Ezyroller family but the movement is created using the hands and arms rather than the legs.

The Ezyroller moves like a snake without chains, pedals or batteries. No need for a downhill slope to move forward. The Ezyroller Junior operates slightly differently from the Ezyroller Classic - the handrest offers great stability and reassurance. By gently swinging the handrest from right to left a forward motion is created. It feels very stable and it's an easy thing to learn. The Ezyroller Junior can be ridden on any hard surface, indoors and outdoors

Age 2-4 years


  • Low center of gravity for a safer, reassuring ride. 
  • Sturdy all-steel frame with reinforced solder points.
  • Handbrake with longer lever for easier and safer operation. 
  • One extension included so that Ezyroller can grow with your child. 
  • "SAFE" wheels with unique design so kids cannot put their fingers through the spokes (Note: The main image above does not show the "SAFE" wheels. Check out the image under spare wheels). 
  • Ezyroller takes great pride in ensuring the paint on the vehicle meets all safety standards (non-toxic).
  • A full english product leaflet with assembly tool. 
  • Wheels are non marking so can be used indoors.