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Gas Station - Baghera

Baghera metal Gas Station pump is simply super cool with retro styling, a functional handle that "dings" with each turn and flexible hose nozzle.

  • metal gas/petrol pump
  • functioning handle emits a "ding" sound with each turn
  • flexible hose can be removed to "fill" your vehicle
  • Age 3+

Dimensions: 35.88cm x 26.99cm x 86.36cm

All Baghera products are designed in France and manufactured to strict quality and safety standards, meeting both EN71 and AU8124 standards.

Founded in 1999, French brand Baghera manufactures beautiful, high quality, innovative and unique products for children. An immaculate eye for detail and quality ensures that each creation is truly something special. Particular attention is paid to production quality and children’s safety with the highest international safety standards exceeded. Baghera cars are built to last and be passed on to the next generations. The Baghera range includes vintage pedal cars, ride-ons, wagons, trikes and vehicle accessories.