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Dog Kennel - Schleich

Set includes

  • 1 x Australian Shepherd

  • 1 x exclusive girl figure

  • 1 x kennel with removable roof

  • 1 x food bowl

  • 1 x bone

  • 1 x lead

  • storage area for accessories

  • fits all Schleich dogs

The beautiful Schleich range includes true–to–life, hand painted animal figurines, fantastic Elves and Historical figures.

This extensive range is highly collectable, with something for girls, boys and collectors alike. The true-to-life, high quality model animals allow your imagination and fascination to come to life.

From the lost worlds of the dinosaurs to domestic and wild animals of the present, the Schleich range is a true reflection of nature on a smaller scale.

With Schleich, "Anywhere's a playground™" meaning there are no limits on your imagination: not where you play and not how you play.

3+ years