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Demolition Crane - Playmobil

With chain drive. Concrete floor with blasting function. Parts can be removed from the component with the demolition ball.

First the crane operator moves the boom into the right position and then sets the wrecking ball in motion. The wrecking ball rushes into the wall of the house and a large piece immediately breaks out. In no time at all, the parts are torn away. The rest is done by the colleague with the explosive device. He places the explosive charge under the tiles and quickly gets to safety behind the protective wall. Boom! The wall parts are blown apart. That was good work!
The playset consists of two PLAYMOBIL construction workers, a cable excavator with wrecking ball, two wall elements, a base plate, an explosive device, a protective wall, four tile elements and many other construction accessories.
Figures: 2 construction workers Vehicle: 1 cable excavator Accessories: 4 floor tiles, 2 wall parts, 1 floor plate with blasting device, 3 demolition parts, 3 gutter elements, 1 gutter guide, 1 ladder, 2 crane hook fastenings, 10 bricks, 8 bricks, 2 construction helmets, 1 walkie talkie, 1 construction sign, 4 dynamite rods
Age 5+