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Cruise Ship - Playmobil

Cruise Ship - Playmobil

  • 66cm long
  • Both sections can be pulled out of the ship's hull for a better way to play.
  • Fill-able pool with slide from sundeck, area for restaurants and bridge with a removable roof.
  • With a lifeboat that can float (you can upgrade with the underwater motor item 7350).
  • Singer with Stage (item 6983) performs next to the restaurant area
  • spacious guestroom
  • complete with beds, a sitting area, and private bathroom
  • pull out the lower deck for easy access and, in doing so, reveal a staircase leading to the upper deck
  • the top deck offers a great place for sunbathing, thanks to the lounge chair and open-air seating area
  • includes three adult figures, two child figures, life boat, lounge chairs, luggage, furniture, food, beverages, and tons of other accessories

Playmobil encourages learning through interactive play and this set can be played on its own, or combined with other Playmobil sets for hours of fun.

Playmobil emerged over 40 years ago and has a long tradition in Europe. The unique playing principle stimulates imagination and creativity to promote child development.With PLAYMOBIL®, children can not only slip into many different roles, but also recreate and experience the world in miniature. The 7.5 cm tall PLAYMOBIL figure is the cornerstone of this creative toy system which provides imaginative role play opportunities, integrated with a variety of historical and modern play themes. It is fascinating to children and highly valued by parents and educational practitioners alike.

At Let the Children Play we personally vouch for its durability, longevity and wide appeal across a range of genders and age groups. We discovered Playmobil on a family trip to Europe in 2008 and is a major contributing reason to our family establishing a toy shop in our home town.

Age 4+