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Rainbow Stacking Pegs

Stack, thread, match, sort and build with the Rainbow Stacking Pegs set. This set includes lots of fun peices to do different challenges and puzzles for young children. Put down a card and match the Peg to the picture below. You'll be matching colours and shapes to get the right combination. There are 8 cards to choose from with designs varying from animals, shapes and colours.

Once completed, you can use the board to stack and build the pegs in free forms and however high you like. The set also comes with plastic linking platforms to make your stacking pegs stick together and to build higher and higher. For the last activity, this set also includes a wooden needle with thread to practice threading. Simply thread the needle through the middle of the pegs to practice and develop fine motor skills. This set has everything you need for fun educational, play based learning. With lots of different activtiies to do, this set will encourage and challenge young children with colourful, fun puzzles.

Each Rainbow Stacking Peg set from Tooky Toys is made from timber, finished to the highest quality. It also features patterns on thick card and plastic pegs and spacers.

Board measures approx 26 x 21 x 0.8cm . Each peg measures approx 3.5cm diameterx 4.3cm high. 6 pegs per colour (5 colours) 30 pegs in total, 12 wooden brackets , 1 x board, 1x treading needle and 8 x playing card bases

Age 3+