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Fantasy Friends with Carriage - QPeas

Fantasy Friends with Carriage - QPeas - choose from the adorable kitten or puppy to carry your QPeas in a wonderful, cosy spinning carriage

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Fantasy Friends with Carriage - QPeas



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Fantasy Friends with Carriage - QPeas 

  • Kitten or Puppy figure with saddle for 1 QPea
  • QPea spinning carriage with seating for 4 QPeas
  • special yellow pod with blind bag Qpea

QPeas are adorable miniature dolls with their unique carry pods and stories. Each character is part of a theme, with their own unique Loves, Likes and Needs.

The Loves, Likes and Needs help children to connect to each character encouraging creative and imaginative play.

Standing at 5.5cm in height they can be posed either standing or sitting. Their themed head-ware is removable and interchangeable between each character. Each character is extensively and lovingly detailed.

The QPeas pod is a unique patented invention, it allows each doll to be carried securely either entirely enclosed, or with its head exposed. The sensory, squishy pod can be clipped onto backpacks, school bags, and zipper pulls so that children can take their favourite QPea or QPeas with them on their very own adventures.

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