Go Treasure Hunting with Gotrovo!

Calling all treasure hunters! Ally is very proud to announce that Let The Children Play are the exclusive Australian distributor for the Grotrovo range of products. The main item in the range is called the Treasure Hunt Game. This game is wonderfully versatile and very inclusive with children of different ages to play with the same game. It is robust and able to handled independently with the confidence that the children will in no way damage the map or cards. The game is simple to set up and can be set up by an adult or an older child. The instructions to follow vary from simple picture clues to single word clues and more complex riddles. It is able to be played inside or outside and a great boredom buster! Children are taught concepts such as team work, complex thinking processes, forward thinking and following instructions. 

In terms of setup, the map comes with sticky dots, clue cards, game tokens and a prize box shaped like a gold bullion. The person setting up the map hides the clues and treasure tokens and final treasure box and hands the map to the players with a single clue attached. As each clue is found the children can attach the clues to the map to show which steps have been already completed. 

The second item in the range is the Mealtime Kit. The set can be extremely wonderful for parents of problem eaters, fussy eaters and those wanting to refine table manners. It is a visually appealing set, and can be totally parent driven to the children's mealtime needs. If a child is experiencing food aversions and phobias, the kit can be used to encourage simply acknowledging new foods, for children who need encouragement to try new things that or for parents struggling to get children enthused about cutlery or table manners it can also be used to assist. The idea is that the child moves a token around their treasure map placemat whilst eating using the bowl, plate and cutlery that is shaped like an adorable shovel and pitchfork. Taking the stress away from both parents and children and making the experience fun for the family. 

See below for links to the videos explaining both concepts and shop instore or online for both sets today!